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Rose Mary
By Rosemary McKittrick
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Concert Promotional Poster; Sept. 7, 2001; celebrating Michael’s solo career; 34 inches by 22 inches; sold for $3,520. Photo courtesy of Julien's Auctions.
The platform rose slowly from underneath the stage. Surrounded by the fog of dry ice, red and green laser lights, fireworks, video images, and the sound of a synthesizer and drums -- the five Jackson brothers walked forward.

Michael Jackson stood center stage, unquestionably the star of the show in his white-sequined glove and shirt. The group started off the set in Kansas City with “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin.’’

They started something alright.

At first it was hard to tell if the music or the screaming crowd was the loudest. After the one hour and 45-minute set ended, the Jacksons’ ruled.

Between Michael’s dance moves, his singing and the visual effects the audience was in a frenzy. Michael kicked showmanship up to a whole new level that night.

The Victory Tour was the final one for the Jackson brothers in 1984. It would be the last time Michael, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Randy performed together. It was the first time in eight years Jermaine joined his brothers on stage in over eight years.

The 55-city show began in July and ended in December in Los Angeles. The concerts entertained about 2 million fans.

The tour was named after the newly released Jacksons' album “Victory”. Interestingly enough none of the songs from the album were on the tour's set list.

The concerts reportedly earned $75 million and established a new record for the then-largest grossing tour. Michael donated his $5 million share to charity.

At the last show in Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, Michael announced his split from The Jacksons’. He would be going it alone from here on out.

Heroes show up in all kinds of guises. The American showman P.T. Barnum was one of Michael’s big heroes. No surprise really. In the 19th century Barnum understood more than most how to thrill an audience and command a room.

Michael gave members of his staff copies of Barnum’s autobiography. He said he wanted his career to be the greatest show on earth just like the grand showman. Michael also fell on hard times like Barnum.

Musically, Michael just may have pulled off his quest to be the greatest show on earth. In video after video he’ll remain alive and vital for people to judge for themselves.

He was a study in contrasts. More exaggerated than most, perhaps. A story without a happy ending.

No matter what you think of Michael’s life off stage there was no denying the man’s talent on stage. When Michael Jackson started to sing there was a shift.

He transformed into someone else. A less tormented someone. A master of showmanship. Clearly born to entertain.

On June 26-27, Julien’s Auction, West Hollywood, Calif., featured a selection of Jackson memorabilia in its summer sale. Michael’s long-sleeve Victory tour costume shirt covered in small pearls and Swarovski crystals sold for $52,500. It was designed by Bill Whitten.

Here are current values for other Michael Jackson lots sold in the auction.

Michael Jackson

Concert promotional poster; Sept. 7, 2001; celebrating Michael’s solo career; 34 inches by 22 inches; $3,520.

Art print; signed; featuring four portraits of Michael from various moments in his life; by Bren Stymest; 18 inches by 20 inches; $8,000.

Tribute Program Proof; from two concerts held at Madison Square Garden in 2001; 20 inches by 26 inches; $9,375.

Costume piece and signed CD; forearm cuff with six leather straps; worn as part of his “Bad” costume; 9 inches by 5 inches; $10,240.

Letter; handwritten; from Michael; single sheet; to Greg; “Thanks for the magic moments in my life, I hope it was the same for you…”; 11 inches by 8 ½ inches; $18,750.

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