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Rose Mary
By Rosemary McKittrick
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Rosemary McKittrick has been providing readers of the The Wayback Times with excellent and insightful articles for many years. Her writing is concise and lean, filled with the spark that brings life to any subject matter she has chosen to grace with her fine artistry.

Sandy Neilly, publisher, The Wayback Times

I have always found Collector's Corner by Rosemary McKittrick to be a fresh and lively narrative about the world of collecting, an opinion I know is shared by our thousands of readers.

Harold M. Hanson, publisher, Northeast Journal of Antiques & Art.

Whether you are a serious collector or a garage-sale maven and clutter hog, Rosemary McKittrick's column is a great source of information and entertainment. From movie posters to baseball memorabilia and Match Box cars, where she finds out about the stuff she writes about is beyond me. I'd give anything to get a peek at her attic.

Bruce Krasnow, editor, The Santa Fe New Mexican.

Rosemary McKittrick's weekly columns for this newspaper on antiques and collectibles are among the best read in the section in which it runs. Week after week, McKittrick comes up with an interesting story and or anecdotes about the subject at hand, narratives that seduce the reader into the column which ends with a list of some of the auction items in that category.

One week she's chasing down Wild Bill Hickok, another old Mickey Mouse memorabilia, another Georgia O'Keefe prints. They are always informative even for those who don't buy antiques.

But, perhaps the biggest plus is McKittrick's considerable talent as a writer. Her sentences bring the people and the objects to life each week. Often she lets us in on her own personal connection to the collection; other times she offers historical documentation on her subject. They are always, always lively, well written and interesting.

Terese Karmel, editor, The Chronicle.

McKittrick has specialized in auction coverage for years. Her introductory histories are lively and well written, with selections always appropriate to our antiques and collectibles readership. A monthly contributor, her work is very reliable and consistent. McKittrick is equipped to make electronic submissions for copy and high-resolution images, and she's never missed a deadline!

Linda Kruger, managing editor, Collectors News.

Rosemary McKittrick's news column Collector's Corner has been a mainstay of our weekly newspaper for several years. Rosemary's columns are always insightful, well informed, with that extra personal touch that has consistently brought positive comments from our readers.

Lars Svendsen, publisher, The Auction Exchange & Collectors News.

Judging from large number of garage sales, estate sales, flea markets and auctions that take place in our area, we know there is a high level of interest in collectibles. That is why I chose to put Rosemary McKittrick's Collector's Corner column in our classified ad section.

We believe it attracts additional readers to that section, and complements our garage and estate sale ad listings. Rosemary's columns are now a popular feature in our newspaper. We are very happy with the quality of her work and the results we've gotten.

Bill Lynch, editor & ceo, The Sonoma Index-Tribune.

Rosemary McKittrick's column, Collector's Corner, always has a different slant and viewpoint that captures the reader's imagination. She weaves in historical fact along with a touch of humor, and if you weren't a collector before, you will be soon.

Kathy Greer, editor, Unravel the Gavel.

Rosemary's insightful, concise writing is a real asset to our publication. Our readers appreciate her up-to-the minute price guides and cutting edge reports. If it's hot, Rosemary is writing about it.

Therese Nolan, editor, Antiques & Collecting Magazine.

Rosemary's column often adds a western flavor to the magazine, which we don't get very often in the Southeast. Her columns are always unique and insightful, and she provides important auction pricing for our readers. And I can tell you that Rosemary definitely does more fact checking than The New York Times.

Mike McLeod, editor, Southeastern Antiquing and Collecting Magazine.

Always current...always informative...find a new collectible! Rosemary's articles cover a wide range of topics using resources from around the country to keep the antiques' enthusiast interested. A quick read, but full of facts for the novice or the diehard!

Helen Ingersoll, editor, Great Lakes Trader Publication.

The columns are informative, not just about items but also about the history behind them. The topics are varied, as well, covering all aspects of collecting. An excellent addition to any antique or collecting publication.

Dawn Kelley, editor, Midwest Country Peddler.

We have been associated Rosemary McKittrick for over a year now and have used two of her stories in our publication, The Appraisers Standard. We find her stories to be well-written, well-researched and informative. We are delighted to be associated with her.

Linda L. Tucker, editor, The Appraisers Standard.

From the first article submitted by Rosemary last year to her current status of writing weekly for Collectors Journal, our readers have gleaned an education from her insight into the wonderful world of antiques and collectibles. It is a rare treat to have an expert in so many different fields. You never know what she might write about next.

Connie L. Gewecke, Editor, Collectors Journal.

Dear Ms. McKittrick:

Relative to your Collector’s Corner editorial on Bette Davis: You are an excellent writer. Keep writing.

Very truly yours,

Eric J. Messersmith, Attorney at Law.

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