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Rose Mary
By Rosemary McKittrick
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Who Is This Woman?

"I have always found Collector's Corner by Rosemary McKittrick to be a fresh and lively narrative about the world of collecting, an opinion I know is shared by our thousands of readers." -- Northeast Journal of Antiques & Art

When other kids were out playing I often spent Sunday afternoons at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh.

A world of Chinese carvings, Native American ancestral pots and beastly dinosaur skeletons waited there.

I moved from Egyptian ruins to ancient Eskimo kayaks in one afternoon.

Even then it wasn’t so much the "stuff" as it was the stories each piece evoked that moved me.

This column gives me the chance to be a storyteller--to dig up the past one more time and breathe life into it.

A gift.

I get to tell the stories of Houdini, Dylan and Capote, Earhart, Lincoln and Hearst. I get to do it through the books they’ve written, the songs they’ve sung, the planes they've flown, and the empires they’ve built.

Most of these history makers are gone now but their personal things still come up for sale at auction. And people are curious like me.

I’ve spent much of my 25 year career working as an art and antique appraiser, dealer and columnist. The better part of my education has been in the trenches appraising an endless assortment of stuff from museum quality oil paintings to everyday chatskies. I’ve also been fortunate to write about my experiences.

I’m co-author along with husband Michael of The Official Price Guide to Fine Art, a 1000-page book published by Random House listing auction sale results for over 50,000 works of art. I‘m also co-author of four volumes of McKittrick’s Art Price Guide.

I hold an M.A. degree from the University of Colorado and have lectured and taught courses around the country in the art, antiques and collectibles field.

My home and heart is in Santa Fe, NM. It’s a city full of sun, ancient ruins, and unconventional people. A good fit.

My biggest treat in life is my kids, Erin Norton and Jordan McKittrick who tirelessly teach me about love, laughter and letting go.

When I get out from behind the computer screen, you’ll find me making soup, documentary films, working out, or in the garden with my dog Jack, plus an assortment of neighborhood canine visitors nibbling on my flowers.

"The columns are informative, not just about items but also about the history behind them." -- Midwest Country Peddler

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Steel Engraving; Washington Receiving a Salute on Field of Trenton; published by John McClure; circa 1863; 27 inches by 34 ¼ inches; sold for $1,968. Photo courtesy of Skinner Auctioneers.